How to Find Love in a Bookshop: A Book review

I fell in Love with this book at first sight! I got it as a gift from my love last December, and it was the perfect holiday read! So I decided to start the book reviews series on my blog with this charming delightful book. It’s a feel good heart-warming book that celebrates books and book lovers.

how to find love

The story is set in the cosy Cotswold town of Peasebrook where Emilia Nightingale is dealing with the grief of losing her father and the burden of keeping the Nightingale Books open as she had promised him before his death.  Julius, Emilia’s father had opened the bookshop there and touched the life of people around him with his books and his generous soul. He believed “A town without a bookshop was a town without a heart” and soon his bookshop became a community centre for the town where Julius helped and charmed the town people.

In this compelling story with likeable characters, I enjoyed reading about books, music, a lover’s second chance, a secret love affair, a wedding preparation, and different life stories of ordinary people who share the love of books… I always dreamed of running a bookshop, but I wasn’t sure I will be able to manage the finances. So I could easily relate to the hard decision Emilia has to make whether she could keep the bookshop open and honour the legacy of her late father, or sell off.

I also loved reading about the power of reading and the changes a bookshop can bring to people’s lives. My favourite example is Jackson, a single dad who starts reading in the hope of connecting with his son through books. He then realized “So that was why people read. Because books explained things: how you thought, and how you behaved, and made you realise you were not alone in doing what you did or feeling what you felt.”

I highly recommend this light-hearted tale of love, even though the plot does not have much of shocking twists or thrilling mysteries. This was my first book by Veronica Henry, and I will definitely read more of her writings!

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