Magnum Biggest Pop-Up Store Opens in Covent Garden

Colourful toppings, nice smell of melted chocolate and fun cheerful decoration are all in the new shop located at Seven Dials in the heart of London. You can create the “Magnum of your dreams” by choosing from your topping combination, a choice of dark, classic or white chocolate dip, and more chocolate drizzle during this short London summer. The store opens from 29 June – 10 September 2017

icecream 3

I went there with friends. The store was crowded with people. The young Italian assistant manager, Alex told me “It is not just a store, it is a designed experience.”

icecream 2

I chose raspberry coconuts and pistachios with a dip of dark chocolate. All was for £5.50.

Trying to spice it up, Magnum calls it the “Pleasure Shop!” But if you can get over the name, it is a fun shop with creative design by Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott. On the display windows, they have diamond studs Lollipops. They also sell colourful Moschino bags with special Magnum designs.


The store is also trying to engage with the community life. Alex, the assistant store manager told me they had organized a one-day event for the LGBT parade, and donated the organization Mermaids UK that supports children with gender identity issues.

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